When MegaFreebie first asked if I wanted to write a guide as to how I got my free MacBook Pro, I was hesitant. Then they told me that I was the 50th person to earn a MacBook Pro from their site by completing offers. There was no way I could turn down their request once they told me that.

So here I am now. It began nearly a month ago when a friend at college told me about freebie sites. I bought him a pizza and while we were eating, he explained everything to me. Basically, advertisers pay freebie websites like MegaFreebie to send them new potential customers. So what happens is, people like you and I sign up for trials of products from companies, often called "offers". These companies, like GameFly and NetFlix, then pay MegaFreebie money each time someone new signs up. MegaFreebie then uses this money to pay for our gifts, like my Free Apple Macbook Pro.

Once he explained all of this to me, I was hooked. I signed up at MegaFreebie's Free Laptop website, which offers Macbook Pros. I really wanted a new laptop to use at school and figured this would be perfect. I had always used a PC before, but now I wanted to try a Mac. So I signed up and I had to complete an offer myself. After that, I had to convince 28 friends to do the same. Now, before you leave, listen to what I did. This part was actually easier than I thought it would be. How many people do you know at work? How many people are your "friends" on Facebook or MySpace? Now, how many of those people would say no to a Free Macbook Pro? You have tons of potential people right at your fingertips! You just have to explain to them how freebie sites work and show them what to do. I had tons of friends that wanted to try these products anyways, such as GameFly, NetFlix, Blockbuster DVD rentals, Discover credit cards, etc. So I had these people sign up under me by giving them my free MacBook Pro link. Once they did they, all they had to do was order the trial and I was set! You can even offer your friends $10 to something to sign up under you. Even offering each $10 gets you a MacBook Pro for just $280! Get a Free MacBook Pro today!

I hope that you decide to take action and get your MacBook Pro today. Unfortunately, I know that of the thousands of people that read this, only a fraction of you will sign up because you are scared. That's how I was at first, but research freebie sites online and you will see they are legitimate.

Good luck!